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Known for its endless beaches on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico with year round sunshine, Florida is a boater's paradise. From lakes, springs, rivers or the ocean, you have the opportunity for freshwater or saltwater boating.

Ahrens Insurance Agency can insure boats and watercraft. Call us to get a quote or learn more about your coverage options.

Understanding Boat Insurance

Florida is a maritime state. You can use your boat from the Keys to the Suwannee River, the Silver Springs or on deep-sea fishing expeditions.

Wherever you take the boat, there is a chance something could happen to it. Just like any car, boats are vehicles that could experience accidents. They need insurance as a result. With coverage in place, you can receive a settlement following accidental, unavoidable problems involving the vessel. That way, you won't suffer undue personal losses.

Setting Up Your Policy

Consider adding the following coverage elements to your watercraft policy:

  • Collision Damage Insurance: If the boat collides with another object, this coverage can help you pay to repair your boat or replace a totaled vessel. It might apply if you hit another boat, a dock or some other structure.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This coverage will pay for damage to your boat but will only cover damage that results from non-collision hazards. Coverage might pay for damage from fires, storms, vandalism and more.
  • Pollution and Salvage Insurance: If your boat sinks or founders, you might have to pay for the cleanup and removal of debris. This coverage might pay to help you do so.
  • Personal Effects/Equipment Coverage: If you take possessions like electronics, beach gear or personal effects aboard, they might get damaged in an accident. So, too, could such items as navigational equipment or fishing gear. This coverage can help replace them.
  • Liability Protection: When boating, you might harm others. For example, if you hit another boat negligently, this coverage can pay for another vessel's damage and the injuries of its passengers.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Boater Protection: No one has a requirement to carry boat insurance. Therefore, another boater who doesn’t have liability coverage might hit you. Still, you won't have the luxury of using their liability policy to file your damage claim. Uninsured/underinsured coverage can help you do so with your own policy.
  • Towing/Roadside Assistance: You might have coverage available to help you tow the boat. The good thing about towing assistance is it might help you both on and off the water. For example, if you have a car wreck while hauling the boat on a trailer, this coverage might help you.
  • Medical Coverage: In the event you or your passengers get hurt in a boating accident, this coverage can help you with medical bills and related costs.
  • Trailer Insurance: Your car insurance may or may not cover a trailer you use to transport the boat. Trailer insurance is specialized coverage you might be able to add to your boat insurance.

Understanding Your Coverage

Your boat insurance must cover your vessel specifically. If you don't tailor your policy to your boat, you might not have the right protection. Let us help you get the appropriate policy balances.

  • Liability insurance limits start with 100,000 in protection, but you can increase them to up to $500,000. We will help you strike the right balance between coverage and policy affordability.
  • Most policies include deductibles. Minimum of $250, however, you can increase your deductible, and potentially save on your rates.
  • When it comes to physical damage, most policies offer replacement cost coverage for partial damage. You’ll receive full compensation for the damage up to the policy's limits.
  • Some policies will provide actual cash value for damaging incidents. In these cases, you'll receive a vessel’s depreciated market value in case of an accident.
  • Most policies offer agreed value insurance for a total boat loss. When you buy a policy, you'll agree on a value for the vessel. The policy will then provide that amount if you total the boat. The boat insurer will remove any coinsurance requirements from the policy for a set time.

Any of Ahrens Insurance Agency's team members can help you determine the right boat insurance for you and your vessel. Whether you have a brand-new craft, or have owned the boat for years, we can assure you that we will provide you with adequate coverage for your insurance needs.

To get covered, contact us by phone at (352) 368-7090 or request a fast, free online quote now.

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